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National Safety Council Advanced Safety Certificate

Earn nationally-recognized credit while learning advanced skills here at home! Sponsored by the National Safety Council, this certificate is earned through the completion of three of the following courses: Note: You must successfully complete the three courses you choose within five years to be awarded the Advanced Safety Certificate. Class sizes are limited.

We have followed Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP) approval process to award Continuance of Certification (COCs) for our courses.

The maintenance points are as follows:

  • Principles of Occupational Safety and Health (POSH) 4-Day 2.6 CEUs/ 2.6 COCs/ 4IH CMs
  • Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene 2.6 CEUs/ 2.6 COCs
  • Safety Management Techniques 2.6 CEUs/ 2.6 COCs
  • Safety Training Methods 2.6 CEUs/ 2.6 COCs

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