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Building a Positive Safety Culture

"Culture" is the unwritten rules in an organization; it's how people behave when no one is watching. The attitudes and behaviors of your employees are a product of your culture and the management systems in place in your company.

Most safety cultures are negative - focusing on failures (how many injuries), enforcement and discipline. Negative cultures produce inconsistent results and "put in my time" attitudes.

Motivated employees, teamwork and high morale are hallmarks of positive cultures. In a positive culture safety is valued by all employees, measured in positive ways, and safe behavior is the norm. Positive cultures produce better, more consistent bottom-line results.

You will learn how to change your safety culture by managing safety the way other vital business elements are managed - with solid goals, upstream measures, and accountability that make safety performance matter every day. You'll learn how to integrate these principles into your existing systems to improve motivation and get better results.
Length: 4 Hours

Already offered this term; next scheduled offering to be announced.

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