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HAZWOPER, 40-hour

This 40-hour accredited workshop fills the annual training requirement for responders to chemical emergencies in OSHA 1910.120(q) Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) Standard.

Day One: Introduction to Regulations and Standards, Chemical Physical Hazards, Health Hazards and Information Sources
Day Two: Health and Safety Plans, Emergency Response Plans, Personal Protective Equipment, Respiratory Protection and Chemical Protective Clothing
Day Three: Decontamination Incident Command Systems (NIMS) and Air Monitoring, DECIDE and Hazard Analysis
Day Four: Drum Handling, Spill Control, Confinement, Containment and Sorbents, Review and Final Exam

Members $795 + tax; Nonmembers $ 999 + tax

Who should attend? Employees and employers covered by the OSHA HAZWOPER standard are required to take the initial HAZWOPER training which consists of a 24 or 40-hour course.

Every year after the initial training requirement has been met, workers are required to take an 8-hour refresher course. This HAZWOPER refresher course is designed to meet the annual training requirement for hazardous waste operations and emergency response workers.

The HAZWOPER standard applies to five groups of employers and their employees and specifically includes any employees who are exposed to hazardous substances and who are engaged in several operations including clean-up, treatment, storage and disposal of hazardous waste. In addition, workers involved in an emergency response operation dealing with hazardous waste and workers who have to perform duties at a waste site where hazardous contamination are equally expected to be fully trained and protected.
Length: 40 hours

Already offered this term; next scheduled offering to be announced.

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