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Fact Sheet


Each July 4th, thousands of people, most often kids and teens, are injured while using consumer fireworks.

Children ages 14 and under are the most vulnerable. The misuse of fireworks, frequently by unsupervised children, accounts for the majority of fireworks injuries.

Burns are the most common type of fireworks-related injury.

The hands, head, legs or eyes are most frequently injured.

Sparklers can reach temperatures greater than 1000 degrees Fahrenheit at the tip and can cause serious burns by igniting clothing. They are the leading fireworks product involved in injuries to children under age 5.

For a safe holiday:
 Attend only community-sanctioned events. Many communities hold fireworks displays sponsored by the fire department or other safety agency.
 Establish a safe viewing area. The safest place to sit is at least 500 feet away from the staging area.
 Read instructions on each device. Always provide adult supervision and keep fireworks away from small children.
 Use fireworks far from animals, buildings, storage tanks, brush and other combustibles. Keep a bucket of water nearby to cool spent sparkler wires and extinguish other fireworks.
 Don't let anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs use fireworks.
 Light one device at a time, and never attempt to relight a device that doesnt ignite the first time. If it looks damaged, dont use it.

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