Basic Rider Course

The Basic Rider Course consists of 15 hours of instruction (5 hours in the classroom and 10 hours on-cycle. Come to the classroom session prepared to ride.)  Motorcycles are provided for your use at no extra charge.

NOTE: No re-scheduling without payment of additional tuition and no refunds. BRC Tuition: $75.00 + tax

Who should take this course
Release forms
What we recommend you also bring
Requirements for successful completion
Benefits of completion

Who should take this course

  • Anyone who is at least 14 years old
  • People who have never ridden before
  • People who are considering riding, but aren't sure
  • People who have started riding
  • Experienced riders
Release forms
All students must sign releases to participate in riding activities. Minors are required to have a parent or guardian sign course release forms. The student cannot participate in riding activities without this release.

For minors: If you do not receive the release form by mail prior to the first class, download it from the registration website and bring it to the class, signed by a parent or guardian.

  • Minors (participants under 18) must bring a release signed by a parent or guardian.
  • DOT approved motorcycling helmet. Helmets must fit correctly.
  • Over the ankle boots, with rubber soles. Please do not wear boots with high heels such as cowboy boots or fashion boots. Please avoid leather soles.
  • Full-fingered leather gloves. Work gloves are acceptable. Cotton gloves are not acceptable.
  • Eye protection, including non-tinted face shields, glasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, goggles or motorcycling glasses. We recommend that you bring both tinted and clear lenses. Tinted lenses don't work as dusk approaches.
  • Long, sturdy pants such as jeans or leather.
  • Long sleeved shirt, coat or jacket.
  • Your Rider Course Handbook. If you do not receive the handbook via the mail prior to the first class, you will receive it at the class.
*NOTE: If you receive the handbook before attending your session, please read it. You will find approximately 125 questions in the last few pages of the book. Please find and highlight the answers to ALL of the questions. The answers can be found in the text.

We suggest you follow this plan:
  1. Read the entire text, review the illustrations and pictures.
  2. Read the first question. Go to the front of the book and find an answer to the question in the text. Highlight this answer. Write "Question #1" in the margin, near the answer you highlighted. Repeat this step until you have completed all the questions.
Most answers can be found in order in the text. (For example: You'll find the answer to question #2 in between the answers for questions 1 and 3 in the text.) This is not always true. If you can't find an answer, move on to the next question. We'll review all the questions in class so that you have the correct answers. Completing this exercise in advance will significantly enhance your experience and help you to successfully complete the course.

What we recommend you also bring
  • Rain gear - Even the least expensive type will provide crucial protection in the event of rain.
  • Warm clothes - Please dress in layers so that you can adjust as the temperature changes.
  • Snacks or drinks for yourself during course breaks. Water is recommended.
  • Sunscreen.

Requirements for successful completion
  1. Attend all sessions. You must be on time and stay for the entire session. If you are late or miss part of an exercise, you will be dropped from the course with no refund or free rescheduling.
  2. Achieve a minimum score on a knowledge test covering course material. Test questions are based on the material presented in your Rider Course Handbook. Students must correctly answer at least 40 of 50 multiple choice questions.
  3. Achieve a passing score on a riding-skill evaluation. The riding-skill evaluation consists of four exercises that assess limited-space maneuvering skill as well as braking, cornering, and swerving competencies. The evaluation is based on exercises that you will perform during Range Instruction.
Benefits of completion
  • A waiver for the South Dakota riding and written tests for your motorcycling endorsement on your driver's license. You will still have to pay, possibly have an eye test and have your picture taken again. If you are from another state, please check with your local licensing bureau.
  • Some insurance companies offer a discount on your insurance.
  • Knowledge, skills and experience that could be the difference between avoiding or being part of an accident.
NOTE: Scooters may be used in the Basic RiderCourse providing ALL of the following conditions are met:
  • Scooters must be 50 cc's or higher.
  • Scooters must be in safe operating condition.
  • Scooters must be licensed and registered.
  • Scooters must be insured — proof of insurance required.
  • Scooters must be provided by participants — we do NOT provide scooters.
  • Participants using a scooter not owned by the participant must provide written permission from the owner to use the scooter in the BRC.
  • We do NOT provide storage for scooters between classes. Storage and transportation of scooters to the course site and between classes are the responsibility of the participant.
  • Participants must notify their instructors (instructor email addresses are available on the online-registration site) prior to the start of the Basic RiderCourse (BRC) regarding their intent to use their own scooter.
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Contact the South Dakota Safety Council at
or phone 605-361-7785 or 1-800-952-5539.