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Emergency Relief System First Aid Kits

Nothing is ever missing, nothing is left to chance

Your workers are trained in first aid but can they remember everything they've learned? Can they react in a split second, knowing exactly the right thing to do?

The National Safety Council and DLH are proud to introduce the revolutionary new Emergency Relief System, a patented line of first aid kits that make first response quicker and more effective than ever before. How? By providing individual treatment packs designed for specific common injuries, with easy to follow, step-by-step visual instructions for every procedure.

And it takes just seconds to keep the kits ready for action. Simply replace each pack as you use them.

On the Job™ Grande - ideal for larger workplaces and industrial settings

Safe at Home™ - user-friendly kit for common home injuries

On the Job™ Elite - for smaller offices, vehicles

On the Move™ - for vacations, sports activities

For more information, contact Moira Beznoska, 605-364-7785/800-952-5539.

Contact the South Dakota Safety Council at
or phone 605-361-7785 or 1-800-952-5539.