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Preventing Distracted Driving: Comprehensive Resources for Employers

Cell Phone Policy Kit (National Safety Council) Sample Policies Fact Sheets Video Lending Library (free to South Dakota Safety Council members)
  • Drive Safely - #DRI05 (12 min.)
  • Drive To Be The Best - #DRI03 (21 min.)
  • Driving And The Driver - #DRI07 (8 min.)
  • Driving Technique - #DRI01 (29 min.)
  • The Alert Driver - #DRI06 (19 min.)
Training New "Understanding Distracted Driving" New video series from National Safety Council helps employers and employees and families understand why this behavior can be so deadly.

State Cell Phone Driving Laws

Additional Resources
Pledge to Be an Attentive Driver
Poster - "It Was Just..."
When Convenience Is Dangerous - Facts

Infographic: Avoid the Dash to the Dashboard
Infographic: Multitasking
Infographic: Hands-Free Is Not Risk-Free
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